“Amazingly Good….A Page Turner”


The Historical Novel Society review for The Renegade Queen is in:

This amazingly good debut novel by Eva Flynn stars Victoria Woodhull, a figure so outrageous and improbable that most of Flynn’s readers will be tempted at first to think she’s an invention of the author. And yet, no! Woodhull, publisher, stockbroker, Suffragette, Communist, and the first female presidential candidate in American history (her running mate was Frederick Douglass), was a very real figure and a regular headline-grabber in the 19th-century United States.

Flynn embarks on the story of this remarkable woman with unabashed enthusiasm, giving us her upbringing, her loves, her controversies, and the controversies that attended this figure Flynn calls a “forgotten feminist.”

As the book progresses, readers become acutely aware of the fact that the “forgotten” part was not an accident: in a delightful twist, the villain of the book turns out to be none other than Susan B. Anthony, who seeks for a variety of reasons to blot Woodhull from history.

Flynn’s storytelling is so energetic and her characters so vividly drawn that in addition to being eye-opening on many levels (especially in light of the fact that the United States may well be about to elect its first female President), it is also a page-turner. —Anne McNulty, The Historical Novel Society