Join the Renegades


My Fellow Renegades:

Over the years, I’ve developed an obsession with Victoria Woodhull. I think once you read my new book, The Renegade Queen, you will too. Just consider her accomplishments:

  • The first woman to run for President of the United States in 1872, fifty years before women could vote.
  • The first female stockbroker.
  • The first female owner of a weekly newspaper.
  • The first woman to testify in front of Congress.
  • The first American to reprint Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto (which is ironic given that she profited handsomely from Wall Street).

And yet all of her accomplishments were erased from history by the conservative branch of the women’s movement and her other powerful political enemies.

If you’ve ever fought for what you believed in, no matter how controversial or radical it may be, then you are a Renegade.

If you’ve ever stood up against inequality, racism or sexism, then you are a Renegade.

If you’ve ever faced down the very groups trying to hold you back, then you are a Renegade.

To celebrate Victoria and her revolutionary spirit, I am inviting my fellow fighters, free thinkers and rebels to join the new Renegade League. Members will receive:

  • Chances to win premium prizes throughout the year – including e-readers and gift cards!
  • Exclusive sneak peeks at the second book in the series.

Thank you fellow Renegades! I can’t wait to have you as a member in our League.