So Dangerous, She Was Written Out of History


cadystanton_242816692Victoria Woodhull has done a work for women that none of us could have done. She has faced and dared men to call her the names that make women shudder, while she chucked principle, like medicine, down their throats. She has risked and realized the sort of ignominy that would have paralyzed any of us who have longer been called strong-minded.

 Leaping into the brambles that were too high for us to see over them, she broke a path into their close and thorny interstices with a steadfast faith and glorious principle would triumph at last over conspicuous ignominy, although her life might be sacrificed. And when, with a meteor’s dash, she sank into a dismal swamp, we could not lift her out of the mire or buoy her through the deadly waters. She will be as famous as she had been infamous, made so by benighted or cowardly men and women…In the annals of emancipation, the name….Victoria Woodhull will have its own place as a deliverer.

–Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 1876, before she and Susan B. Anthony wrote Victoria out of history…..